Goodbye 2009, goodbye

I am officially moved to now. Expect no more new post here in the future. So people, update your link, blogroll, bookmark or whatever. Come drop by my website and say hye. See ya there!!


Merry Xmas everyone!

Its 25th Disember today and its Christmas! I love this festive because there are lot of things to watch on TV. Haha. Anyway, we are all leaving 2009 in a few days and im sure you already have your new year resolution in mind. Mine? is that i will try to have fun and enjoy my last 6 months in UTP. Owh yes, one more thing, i’ll be moving to my own website starting on 1st Jan 2010. So, bye bye haneefisa.wordpress, and hello!! Thanx for all your support and numbers of visit since day one, and please continue supporting me at ;D.

Happy Holidays people.

An Offering

Fatin Nur Afikah

Owh, if you are wondering, she’s my little niece. My Kak Long’s daughter. Isnt shes adorable??? Hahahaha. She cant stop following me when i was going outside with my camera, so i thought why not take her pictures instead. And yes, she can really pull off those faces! My best model so far. LOL

Ive learnt some new editing techniques these past weeks and i used them on the photos 😀

Workless holiday…or is it?

Ah! Cuti dah 2 minggu tapi all the works takde progress lagi. Maybe next week la start (or the next next week). Anyway, following picture was taken at Batu Gajah funfair last month, while i was hanging out with Alia, Din and Keane. I personally love this picture…the irony how an old man has to work on the machine for the pleasure of others. Well, you may have different interpretation.


Its A Buggy Bug World

Okey...this is just a flower. Theres no bug in this dont bother finding one

What could be on the other side?

There’s one way, open the door!
But its your choice, dont let someone else make the decision for you.

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